Inclusive Language for Birth Professionals


This Doula Learning Channel Course is 13 minutes in length.

This course is an introduction to inclusive language for birth professionals. The learner will be equipped to define the term “inclusive language,” acknowledge misunderstandings surrounding inclusive language, and exemplify how inclusive language is beneficial for both birth workers and their clients.


Course Learning Objectives

Lesson 1 – Defining Inclusive Language

In this lesson, learners will receive an introduction to the words and phrases associated with inclusive language. Upon completion, the learner will recognize why using inclusive language is important, and comprehend the misunderstandings that can prevent individuals from using inclusive language. 

Lesson 2 – Gender Neutral Terms

In this lesson, learners will expand on their understanding from the previous lesson in order to gain confidence in using gender-neutral phrases appropriately. The learner will identify and comprehend how to best apply these terms in business, marketing materials, and while interacting with the public.