Birth and the Five Senses


This Doula Learning Channel Course is 46 minutes in length.

This course will enable learners to provide a sensory approach to labor support that includes sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell, incorporating comfort measures tailored to each sense.


Course Learning Objectives

Lesson One – Intro & Sight

In this lesson, learners will explore the mental and physical impact on the well-being of the laboring person throughout the three stages of labor.   

Lesson Two – Taste

In this lesson, learners will explore the relationship between food and hydration and how they support the emotional and physical well-being of clients during the labor and birth process.

Lesson Three – Smell

In this lesson, learners will examine the profound effect that smell can have on either facilitating relaxation or becoming a distraction throughout labor and birth. 

Lesson Four – Sound

In this lesson, learners will analyze the influence sound can have during labor and its potential influence on the laboring individual’s concentration.

Lesson Five – Touch & Final Thoughts

In this lesson, learners will explore the role that touch plays in fostering comfort or distraction and its influence across the different stages of labor.