Building Provider Relationships


This Doula Learning Channel course is 22 minutes in length.

Learning Objective:

This course equips online learners with the tools, and language necessary to establish collaborative, respectful, and professional relationships with providers and medical staff, while also continuing to elevate the role of doulas.


Course Learning Objectives

Lesson 1:

In this lesson, you will learn why relationships between doulas and medical staff have been a challenge. You will hear from a hospital-based midwife, an Obstetrician, and 2 Labor and Delivery Nurses on what they wish doulas knew.

Lesson 2:

In this lesson, you will learn the benefits that respectful relationships have on clients, providers, medical staff, and doulas. We will explore how these relationships leave birth better for everyone involved.

Lesson 3:

In this lesson, you will learn how to use regular interactions with providers and medical staff to build professional relationships. We will walk through many of the opportunities doulas have to establish value within the medical community. 


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