Balancing a Doula Business and Your Own Mental Health


This Doula Learning Channel course is 33 minutes in length.

Learning Objective: Through interviews with doulas and shared personal experiences, this course explores the mental health challenges many of us face in our daily lives, how those challenges present themselves in doula work, and the specific steps we can take to be successful in our doula businesses while balancing our mental health needs.


Course Learning Objectives:

Lesson 1: Mental Health Issues and the Daily Challenges They Present 

In this lesson, we will put names to the mental health challenges so many of us face and specifically break down how they impact our daily lives.

Lesson 2: Challenges Specific to Being a Doula and Running a Business

In this lesson, we will take an open and honest look at the challenges present in being a doula and running a doula business.

Lesson 3: Putting Systems In Place

In this lesson, we will cover concrete strategies and ideas you can implement in your own doula work so that you can be successful while also balancing your mental health needs.


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