Imposter Syndrome: Overcoming It and Succeeding in Spite of It


This Doula Learning Channel Course is 18 minutes in length.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this course, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of the various types of imposter syndrome. They will have the ability to recognize triggers and will gain clarity on the ways in which the symptoms may present. Learners experiencing imposter syndrome will have the resources necessary to succeed in spite of it.


Imposter syndrome is best described as an internal experience of believing that you are less competent than you actually are, or, as others may believe you to be. 

Many birth professionals experience some form of imposter syndrome but few truly understand it in its entirety or seek out solutions for succeeding in spite of it.

Feeling like an imposter, worrying about what you don’t know, fearing being asked a question that you can not answer, or being fixated on perfectionism may mean that you are struggling with imposter syndrome. If so, this course is for you

Learning Objective:

Lesson 1:

This lesson provides learners with a framework of the various types of imposter syndrome and enables them to understand who may be predisposed to it, and why.

Lesson 2:

This lesson identifies the symptoms of imposter syndrome and presents descriptions of the various ways that it can be triggered.

Lesson 3:

This lesson equips learners to identify each type of imposter syndrome and the signs and symptoms associated with each.

Lesson 4:

This lesson will enable learners to recognize if they are experiencing imposter syndrome, and if so, will equip them with tools to overcome it.